When Does Your Greenfield, WI Home Need a Roof Replacement?

When you have a leaking roof for your Greenfield, WI home, you probably have one question in your mind: “Can I get this repaired or do I need a whole roof replacement?” Sometimes, hiring roof leak repair services is all it takes to get your roof back in working order, but there are a few different factors to consider to help you decide if a replacement is a better path to take. 

Below, we’ll talk about the most important considerations to think about so you can feel confident about whether to move forward with roof repairs or a replacement project for your Greenfield, WI roof. 

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The Age of Your Roof

The first thing you should consider is the age of the roof, so you can determine how close it is to the end of its average lifespan. If your roof is only a few years old and leaking because of storm damage, you can probably repair it with no worries. 

But, if your roof is already several decades old and leaking, you might want to seriously consider replacing it instead. On older roofs, repairs are often just a temporary fix before the eventual replacement. You can save yourself money by opting for a replacement now instead of paying for repairs now and a replacement in a year or two. 

Efficiency Concerns

Do you feel like your electricity bills are higher than ever? While it’s true that energy costs are higher at the moment, your home’s overall efficiency may also be contributing to higher bills. If you’re interested in improving your home’s efficiency, consider scheduling a roof replacement

New roofing materials are more energy efficient than they used to be, so by replacing your roof, you might notice that your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard. You will also notice that you will save on energy costs.

Your Budget

Another important factor to consider is how much you can afford to spend at the moment. If a full roof replacement is not in your current budget, then repairs may be the better option for your wallet. 

Here at Semper Fi Roofing & Exteriors, we believe that local homeowners should be able to update their homes affordably, which is why we’re proud to offer convenient financing options so you pay for your roof repairs or replacement project in a way that works best for you. 

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The Extent of the Damage

Next, you should consider the extent of your roof damage. If you only have one small leaking area, then repairs may be sufficient to fix it. If the damage is more extensive such as evidence of water beneath the moisture barrier, then you may be better off replacing it since the repairs will likely be expensive. 

Our installers are here to inspect the state of your roof to give you an accurate idea of the damage so you can confidently decide the right path forward. 

Your Long-Term Plans

You should also consider how long you plan to stay in your current home and how much of an investment you want to make into it. If you plan to move in the next year or two, you might not want to spend the money for a completely new roof when you won’t get much use out of it yourself. 

On the other hand, replacing your roof with asphalt shingles has an average ROI of 49.8%, so a roof replacement could help you get more money if you do decide to sell. Either way, thinking about your long-term plans is an important part of deciding between repairs or a replacement. 

The Type of Roof You Have

Finally, think about the shingles on your roof. For example, asphalt shingles often don’t last as long as metal roofing, so that’s something to consider when planning your project. You’re likely better off replacing damaged asphalt shingles, while a metal roof that is only slightly damaged is probably a better candidate for repairs. 

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