How Roof Shingles Are Replaced in Milwaukee, WI

If you live in your home long enough, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to repair your roof. While the average lifespan of a roof is between 15 and 30 years, extreme weather can damage the shingles, even on a new roof. When you notice signs of roof damage, trust the Semper Fi Roofing & Exteriors team for the job. Below, you’ll learn more about how roof shingles are replaced so you know what to expect during the roof repair process. 

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How Roof Shingles Are Replaced

Here’s a closer look at what we’ll do when we come out to repair your shingles. 

Inspect the State of the Roof

To start, we’ll inspect your roof to evaluate the state of the damage. As long as the damage is limited to a small section of your roof, we should be able to replace the affected shingles with no problem. 

If the damage is more far-spread or there are moisture issues beneath your shingles, we may recommend a full roof replacement instead. 

Remove the Damaged Shingles

Once we identify the areas that need to be replaced, we’ll slide a pry bar underneath the edge of the damaged shingles. This allows us to gently break the sealant strips around the shingle. Once we do that, we’ll take out the nails from the damaged shingles and the ones surrounding them. 

Assess the State of the Roof Deck

We don’t believe in just making surface-level repairs. Instead, we look beyond your damaged shingles to assess the state of the roof deck and underlayment. If we notice that the problems extend beyond the shingles, we’ll repair the roof deck before installing your new shingles. 

To do this, we’ll make sure that the new piece of roof deck is comparable to what’s already in place to prevent future issues. 

Replace the Underlayment

After we repair the roof deck, we’ll install new underlayment over it, attaching it to the area with heavy-duty roofing nails. 

Install the New Shingles

Next up, we can install the new shingles. We proudly install high-quality shingles from one of the leading manufacturers on the market, CertainTeed, which are extremely durable. If needed, we’ll cut the new shingles to size before laying them in place and securing them in place with roofing nails. 

Refasten the Surrounding Shingles

Once the new shingles are in place, we’ll refasten the surrounding shingles with the nails we removed to work on the affected area. Our goal is to make it look seamless as if the new shingles have always been there. 

Secure the Shingle Tabs

The last step is to secure the tab of the shingles with a small bead of asphalt mastic to keep them firmly in place. This helps give them extra stability in place of the sealant strip that was broken during the repair process. 

The end result is a safe and secure roof that will protect your family from the elements.

Common Signs That You Have Damaged Shingles on Your Roof

You probably don’t pay too much attention to your roof until serious issues develop. But, you can help prevent those issues in the first place by replacing your shingles as the first sign of damage. 

Here are a few common signs that you have shingles in need of repair:

They’re curled or cupped: If the edges of your shingles begin to raise up and curl, it’s usually a sign that they need to be replaced. 

Granules are flaking off of them: When the granules of asphalt shingles flake off, you might see them in your lawn or your gutters. This is a sign that they need to be replaced. 

They’re cracked: As your shingles contract and expand in the changing weather, you may notice cracks in their surface. In that case, it’s time to replace them. 

Your shingles are missing: A strong storm can remove some of the shingles on your roof, leaving your decking exposed. Replace them before a leak develops. 

Schedule Your Roof Repair Project

Now that you know more about how roof shingles are replaced, you should have a better idea of what to expect when you hire the Semper Fi Roofing & Exteriors team for your roof repair project. To receive a free, no-obligation quote for your roof repairs, please don’t hesitate to call us at 262-544-4885 or contact us online.

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