Semper Fi Roofing and Exteriors Mission Statement :

We as a company strive to provide a comfortable pathway towards customer satisfaction while providing the highest quality product in the industry.

SemperFi Team in front of office

The Semper Fi Story

Two Marines and a roofing truck. Semper Fi Roofing was founded in 2003 by Vito Schwartz who was joined on the roof by his best friend Brad Jungbluth. In a very serendipitous turn of events not knowing each other Brad and Vito both enlisted in the United States Marine Corps out of Milwaukee and were assigned the same MOS. Then both men married sisters and became brother in laws.

After being honorably discharged Vito formed Semper Fi Roofing, named for the Marine Corps Motto Semper Fidelis and the Marine Corps values instilled in both young Marines. In true American dream fashion Vito spent all he had on two trucks that barely ran, ladders and tools. With a pair of twin boys to feed, failure was not an option. Vito and Brad spent the next 2 years learning every possible lesson the hard way. Thank God for the Marine Corps for teaching these two young men how to “suck it up” because where they lacked skill they made up with grit and determination.

Vito carried on by himself after two years in business when Brad left to pursue a career in law enforcement. Both men remained best friends while learning very important lessons that would later combine to create an exceptional company culture.

Vito carried on roofing becoming a technical expert and learning that contracts are only as good as the contractor. Character and reputation meant everything. When the company was founded in 2003 there were over 400 contractors in the phone book next to Semper Fi Roofing. Today only a handful remain.

Brad spent 12 years of honorable service in law enforcement where he gathered a lifetime’s worth of experience in dealing with people. But Brad’s burning desire for continuous growth coupled with a need for a creative outlet led him back to the world of professional contracting.

In 2017 Vito and Brad joined forces once again and later became partners in the business. They re-imagined what an exterior remodeling company could be and realized that company’s are just collections of people and the company with the best people has the competitive advantage. So they changed the focus of the company and set out to create a really great place for people to work and it proved to be a winning strategy.

It was Brad and Vito’s values are what kept the company alive in the early years. And those values became the company’s people filter. Soon it became a self fulfilling prophecy and good people being treated well attracted more good people. Today the company continues to corner the market on good people cut from the same quality cloth in Roofing, Siding, Windows and Doors, and Masonry.

The men and women of Semper Fi truly live to serve each other and their customers. They are the proud people of Semper Fi and you can count on them to keep you safe, warm, and dry.

The Semper Fi Way

These principals form the foundation of how we do business.  We remain steadfast in our resolve to conduct ourselves within the guidelines set forth within these values.  What we do, how we react to situations, and how everyone is expected to respond will be weighed against these tenets.

ACTIVE TEAMWORK – Trust is the foundation of teamwork. If we have each others best interest at heart it will give us the courage to seek the truth by opening our minds to other perspectives. This is the true path to buy in and accountability and the first step towards results. We first not Me first.

FOCUS ON IMPROVEMENT – Engage your curiosity and go for it. We can’t find what we are not looking for. Seek out new intel and put it into action. Making mistakes is how we learn what not to do. Approach every situation as a chance to learn and grow.

LIVE A LIFE OF INTEGRITY – Do what you say. At its core integrity is not any more complicated than that. Our reputation is the fire we all huddle around to stay alive. When we deliver on our promises, we add fuel to the fire. If we fail to add fuel for long enough the fire will go out. Stick or log, every promise matters. So be careful what you say yes to because your integrity is on the line.

DO THE RIGHT THING – We don’t cower in the face of adversity. We run to the problems not away from them. We know that if we focus on the best interest of all stakeholders and have a firm grasp of our principals the right thing will reveal itself to us. It’s not who’s right it’s what’s right and that is determined by our principals. When we act we are firm fair and consistent in our response.

CHOOSE THE POSITIVE PATH – Adversity lurks around every corner. Stress and frustration will find you. How you react to it is a choice. When we choose the positive path we are rewarded with growth. The silver lining can only be found it you believe it exists. Weather the storm with a smile.


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