Semper Fi Roofing and Exteriors Mission Statement

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The Semper Fi Way

Our great cause is to protect and uphold the reputation that we all have worked hard to build. We operate under the Core Values that live within us that got us to the level we are at. The principles laid out here are meant to be a guiding light to living out those values. We all have to hold up our end so we can all be proud of OUR company.

ACTIVE TEAMWORK – The foundation of teamwork is trust. Trust is the intentional act of keeping the team’s best interest at heart. We build on that foundation with conflict and debate which leads to buy in which allows for accountability. And the point of it all is results. Protecting and upholding our reputation and bringing in a profit is how we all eat.

FOCUS ON IMPROVEMENT –The road to success is paved with mistakes well handled. The error part of trial and error is how we learn what not to do. Identify the truth, say it out loud, take the pain and grow.

LIVE A LIFE OF INTEGRITY – Our reputation is the little campfire we all huddle around for life. When we deliver on our promises we add fuel to the fire. When we fail to deliver, it goes out. A lot of people put their heart and soul into building up our reputation and it’s ours to protect or tarnish. We must do what we say to keep the fire burning.

DO THE RIGHT THING – The defining moments in our work come from conflict with our customers. Listen carefully and with empathy. Then seize the moral high ground and take decisive action. Bearing in mind that a few dollars is not worth an unhappy customer. Be firm, fair, and consistent in your actions.

CHOOSE THE POSITIVE PATH – Adversity lurks around every corner. Stress and frustration will find you. How you react to it is a choice. Don’t run away from problems, run to them with enthusiasm and a smile. Those problems are opportunities to widen the gap between those that will and those that won’t. Embrace the suck and bear the unbearable with a giggle.

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