Semper Fi Roofing and Exteriors Mission Statement :

We as a company strive to provide a comfortable pathway towards customer satisfaction while providing the highest quality product in the industry.

SemperFi Team in front of office

The Semper Fi Way

These principals form the foundation of how we do business.  We remain steadfast in our resolve to conduct ourselves within the guidelines set forth within these values.  What we do, how we react to situations, and how everyone is expected to respond will be weighed against these tenets.

ACTIVE TEAMWORK – Trust is the foundation of teamwork. If we have each others best interest at heart it will give us the courage to seek the truth by opening our minds to other perspectives. This is the true path to buy in and accountability and the first step towards results. We first not Me first.

FOCUS ON IMPROVEMENT – Engage your curiosity and go for it. We can’t find what we are not looking for. Seek out new intel and put it into action. Making mistakes is how we learn what not to do. Approach every situation as a chance to learn and grow.

LIVE A LIFE OF INTEGRITY – Do what you say. At its core integrity is not any more complicated than that. Our reputation is the fire we all huddle around to stay alive. When we deliver on our promises, we add fuel to the fire. If we fail to add fuel for long enough the fire will go out. Stick or log, every promise matters. So be careful what you say yes to because your integrity is on the line.

DO THE RIGHT THING – We don’t cower in the face of adversity. We run to the problems not away from them. We know that if we focus on the best interest of all stakeholders and have a firm grasp of our principals the right thing will reveal itself to us. It’s not who’s right it’s what’s right and that is determined by our principals. When we act we are firm fair and consistent in our response.

CHOOSE THE POSITIVE PATH – Adversity lurks around every corner. Stress and frustration will find you. How you react to it is a choice. When we choose the positive path we are rewarded with growth. The silver lining can only be found it you believe it exists. Weather the storm with a smile. Learn more about our story.


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