Semper Fi Roofing and Exteriors Mission Statement :

We as a company strive to provide a comfortable pathway towards customer satisfaction while providing the highest quality product in the industry.

semper fi staff

The Semper Fi Way

These principals form the foundation of how we do business.  We remain steadfast in our resolve to conduct ourselves within the guidelines set forth within these values.  What we do, how we react to situations, and how everyone is expected to respond will be weighed against these tenets.  This team functions at a high level when everyone knows their position and what is expected of them.  Our brand is the Semper Fi Difference and our team members are the ones who make that difference.  Every team member who interacts with a customer or a potential customer carries with them a piece of our reputation.  The reputation that feeds the whole machine.  Handle it with care.

  • Dedication to serving our customers.  Be willing to do “whatever it takes” to fulfill the customer’s expectations then go a little further.  We are largely a referral-based company, creates an extraordinary experience that makes our customers want to recommend us to their friends and family.  Customer satisfaction is for average companies.  Customer loyalty is what you get when you go above and beyond.
  • Communicate effectively with our customers.  Always be the first to reach out and leave nothing to the imagination.  Be clear and direct.  Give regular updates and at appropriate times and on the customer’s terms.  Be sure and listen carefully to make sure nothing is left unaddressed.
  • Make it tight every night.  We are not a cheap contractor and our customers expect the best.  They hired us to STOP the water infiltration so make it tight every night. NO LEAKS.
  • Exceptional Cleanup.  We have long prided ourselves on our cleanup.  The best install in the world can be sunk by 1 nail in the customer’s driveway.  It is a direct reflection on our company, take pride in the way you leave our customers property.
  • Honesty.  Always conduct yourself in an honest and moral way.  Be un-wavering when it comes to your integrity with every decision.  Always tell the truth.  When you make a mistake OWN IT, apologize, and make it right as fast as possible.  Always do the right thing even if it costs us. Keep our honor clean.
  • Hire the best people and take care of them.  The leadership at Semper Fi firmly believes in the principle that says, “if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers”. We hire for character over skill and offer the most compensation and benefits the company can afford. This is a family company and family takes care of family.
  • High quality and high productivity.  Put on the best roof/siding/ window, etc you can.  It’s your personal signature on the job.  Be proud to sign it in bold ink.  Practice Continual Action, when you’re not installing be preparing, when you’re not preparing, be cleaning up, always keep moving forward as a productive team member.
  • Be safe and work safe, 24-7, 365 days a year.  Never compromise the safety of yourself, another team member, or the general public.  At Semper Fi Roofing and Exteriors safety is aligned with the same attitude as Quality and Productivity.
  • Keep it Simple.  Make all the systems simple and easy to learn and operate.  All equipment should be standardized and uniform.
  • Plan, plan, and more planning.  BAMCIS – Begin the planning, Arrange Recon, Make Recon, Complete the plan, Issue the order, and Supervise.  Plan’s change during production but the planning process breeds competent problem solvers.  Plan all your jobs out and be clear and concise on everyone’s role in the plan.  Keep everyone up to date on changes and document the progress.
  • Growth Mindset.  Semper Fi is a growing company which means changing.  We must always keep an open mind towards learning new things.  We never compare the company or ourselves to anyone else, instead, we only compare to who we were yesterday.  This will keep us on track to constant improvement.
  • Positivity.  It is important work we do. Take it seriously but not TOO seriously.  Remember to have fun.  Do the job to live don’t live to do the job.  Have fun and always stay positive.  Negative people with bad attitudes bring the whole team down.
  • Dedication to each other.  All members of the company must work together as a team.  Everyone is expected to play their position and back up their teammates in need.
  • The bucks stops with you.  In the event, a customer has a complaint or a concern the team member who fields the complaint owns it until it is resolved.  Figure out what the issue is and do whatever it takes to get it resolved, then go a little farther.  Get it resolved lightning-fast and follow up with the customer.

What’s our mission ?“To guide our customers down a comfortable pathway towards customer satisfaction while providing a high-quality product.

How do we act? “Firm, Fair, Consistent”

What do we do?“ Work in teams to service our customers”

How will we succeed?“Install quality products in a productive way while never compromising safety”.

What is the most important thing right now?“Clear, concise communication for all stakeholders.”

Who must do what? “Everyone must play their position.   Our business model requires teamwork.”


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