Roofs come in many shapes and sizes throughout the Wisconsin area. Below is a list of the basic roof types.

  • Gable Roofs: The most common roof type for residential construction.
  • Hip Roofs: The four-sided roof style with ridges on all corners to a smaller center ridge
  • Shed Roofs: A single plane roof commonly used for porches, room additions, and basic building.
  • Gambrel Roofs: Are a variation of the mansard style and are similar to gables with 2 different roof slopes on the sides.
  • Flat Roofs: Are used in many commercial construction applications, both large and small, and can have parapet walls or sidewall terminations dumping into the gutters.
  • Mansard Roofs: Are nearly vertical walls that tie into another roof plane.
  • Contemporary Roofs: Are Roofs that drop off to an open space similar to a shed roof and is part of the Architectural Design.
  • You may want to search on the Internet for each type to verify my definitions and to view the shapes. Each type has a use and is hand in hand with each Designer or Architect.

These are basic descriptions you should know as it pertains to common construction language. From experienced builders, Novice Homeowner Builders, General Contractors, Home Inspectors, Building Code Officials or any person who may have an interest.

There are also ways to mix and match each roof design to create unique structural appeal. You can combine hips with gables and use odd pitch variations to accent a building. It is very interesting when you combine a flat roof with mansard walls as well. Something that I have not mentioned is the octagonal roof or witches hat for an offset tower to carry a circular appearance for spiral stairs to transcend two or three stories in height.

Grab up a book on homes and buildings to see all of these interesting roof types and judge for yourself what peaks your own interest. Roof can be interesting or basic or a combination for curb appeal.I say jump right in a read everything you can find on the topic.

Visit roofing websites for the various shapes and then you can see a multitude of different roofing material that go with the various shapes and sizes. To me one of the most interesting roof designs is a golf ball circular shape with multiple planes and it would be seemingly hard to visualize exactly how you would install shingles to create a water tight seal.

I hope you like the examples I have provided and wish you all the best in researching interesting roof designs.

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