5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows in Waukesha, WI This Winter

How much thought do you give to your windows? Unless one is broken, probably not much. However, replacing them is one of the best home improvement upgrades you can make. In almost all of our interactions with customers who replace their windows, they say, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

If you’re wondering whether you should replace your windows in Waukesha this winter, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve outlined 5 reasons you should consider scheduling a window replacement project with our team. 

1. Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

One of the best reasons to replace your windows is to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Older windows tend to let drafts in during the winter, causing your heater to work harder to keep your house warm. 

Also, if your windows were installed in the 2000’s or before, they’ve probably lost their ability to insulate effectively. Even if your windows aren’t drafty, the insulating gas that fills the space between the panes has decreased over time, to the point that they are no longer efficient. 

By replacing your windows this winter, your system won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, helping you save money on your electricity bill. You can replace all your windows or just a few and it will make a difference.

2. Make Your Home Safer and More Secure

Your home is where you should feel safest, but the reality is that older windows make your home vulnerable to break-ins, especially if they no longer lock properly. 

Replacing your windows with safer and more secure models can give you extra peace of mind that your home is protected against intruders.

3. Keep Your Home at a More Comfortable Temperature

On a cold winter day, take a moment to walk over to one of your windows. Do you notice a difference in temperature coming from it? Old, inefficient windows allow the outside temperature to have a greater impact on how your home feels inside. This is as uncomfortable in the winter as it is in the summer. 

When you replace your windows with more efficient options, the temperature outside won’t be as noticeable inside. So, your home will remain at a more comfortable temperature with no extra strain on your HVAC unit.

4. Boost Your Home’s Value

When you make improvements to your home, it’s always nice to be able to get a great return on your investment. Well, we’ve got good news: here in Waukesha, a window replacement project has an average ROI of 67% to 68%.

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, upgrading your windows can help you fetch more money. Buyers prioritize energy-efficient home upgrades because they know they’ll save money over time. By upgrading your windows, you can enjoy them now and improve your home’s value for later.

5. Reduce the Outside Noise

When you’re relaxing in your home, few things are as annoying as hearing outside noise from traffic or loud passersby. If you live in a city or busy neighborhood, this background noise can be nearly constant, thanks to old windows. 

Fortunately, new windows are often much better at blocking out noise from the outside, keeping your house quieter. As a result, you can concentrate better during those work-from-home meetings, sleep more peacefully, and simply enjoy the quiet of your own home. 

Your Expert for Replacement Windows in Waukesha

After reading through the top reasons for replacing your windows, why wait any longer to get your project on the books? As your local experts on replacement windows in Waukesha, there’s no one more qualified for your project than our team here at Semper Fi Roofing & Exteriors. 

When you’re ready to improve your home’s efficiency with new windows, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.