6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Windows and Door Replacement Company

Are you ready to upgrade your home? Replacing windows and doors improves curb appeal and can increase your home’s energy efficiency. The key is finding the right company for your window and door installation in Milwaukee.

We’ve created a checklist to help you find and vet the best company for your project.

Key Factors to Check When Selecting a Window and Door Installation Company

When considering a home improvement project, it can be helpful to make a priority list. This ensures you ask the right questions to eliminate surprises during the remodeling process. Take a look at the six factors that can help you find the best exterior remodeler and make the best decision for your next project.

1. Cost

Most people need to work within a budget and asking your potential contractor for an itemized quote can give you insight on how far your given budget will go. 

The right contractor will help you find the perfect balance between quality and price point to meet your specific wants and needs. They’ll also have no problem talking you through each line item as qualified, trusted contractors are usually transparent with their customers. 

It’s also worth noting that great contractors tend to offer special financing programs to help you manage your budget while still getting a high-quality remodel.

2. Energy-Efficient

Are you interested in improving your home’s energy-efficiency with new window installation or door replacement in Milwaukee? If so, ask for information detailing their product’s efficiency rating.

An experienced contractor will choose the products they install based on a hefty checklist of requirements. The right contractor will offer specific windows and doors designed to look great and meet the energy-efficiency needs you’re looking for. The National Fenestration Rating Council performs the energy rating tests and certifies products accordingly. Check with your potential contractors to see what options they offer that are energy-efficient certified.

It’s also important to note that window and door energy-efficiency ratings vary by climate zones. Your contractor should tailor their products to your local weather. For example, the best choice for cold climates is Low-E insulated glass, which helps your home retain heat.

3. Warranty Coverage

Don’t forget to ask about warranty coverage. When getting your new windows and doors installed, a trustworthy contractor will offer a labor warranty along with the manufacturer’s product warranty. Good warranties show that the business believes in its product’s quality.

4. Material and Style Choices

Doors and windows come in a wide range of styles and materials. When choosing a contractor for your project, ask about the different options you have to choose from. A qualified contractor will be able to walk you through each step of the process along with material options for each part of your new windows or doors.

Fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, and wood are popular window materials that you can get in different styles like double-hung, casement, awning, slider, bay, bow picture, and garden windows.

Your contractor should discuss materials like solid or hollow wood, steel, or fiberglass for your door replacement along with potential styles such as single or double, swing or slide options. To upgrade your front entrance, an entry door with window panels on each side can create an impactful first impression with your curb appeal.

5. Certified Installers

The importance of certification is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. Ask potential contractors if their installers are certified. Training that goes into the certification process is essential since hanging doors and replacing windows requires specific knowledge and experience with each different door and window manufacturer.

Certified installers have learned the best techniques for construction and replacement, which ensures your windows and doors will be installed with careful craftsmanship. This can save you time and money, getting it done right the first time.

6. Previous Customer References

Today it’s easy to check for business reviews on the internet. Whether you’re looking on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or other review platforms, it’s important to note if any customer issues were brought up in a review and if the company responded to address or remediate the issue. Contractors who stand behind their work and ensure their clients’ satisfaction go the extra mile to make sure their reviews are positive.

Do You Need Window and Door Replacement in Milwaukee, WI?

With this list of questions and factors to consider during your contractor search, you’re ready to find the best window and door installation company. Semper Fi Roofing and Exteriors is proud to serve homeowners in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin. We’re confident that we can meet and exceed your expectations for a window and door installation project with our team of qualified, certified, and experienced staff. 

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