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Why Do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams form for a number of reasons on homes all over our area. For one, snow that remains on your roof for more than a few days is combined with freezing temperatures and forms an ice dam. Another ice dam cause comes from the warm air from your living space that leaks into your attic and causes the snow to melt at the high point of your roof. And lastly, if your home has missing membrane protections beneath roof shingles along roof eaves, ice dams are likely to form when the weather conditions are right.

Ice Dam Prevention

Many homeowners in our area dread the formation of ice dams along roof edges during snowy and icy weather. The name sounds scary, but it’s a simple phenomenon that can be prevented with some proactive measures taken before and after storms.

Don’t let your melted snow re-freeze in any place where water could collect behind an iced neckline! Make sure that your gutters are clear; this is important for preventing leaks. Water trapped behind an ice dam can flow under roof shingles and leak into the house, damaging walls, floors, and other materials.

You can’t prevent all of the snow from piling up on your roof, but you can take some precautions to help avoid the pile up and subsequent water damage. One common practice for homeowners is a focused effort on reducing heat escaping into the attic and melting away any potential ice dams by sealing air leaks and ensuring proper attic ventilation.

Our Ice Dam Solution

We are proud to offer ice dam removal for homes in the Greater Milwaukee Area! Our team of professionals have specialized equipment to remove ice dams in a manner that ensures your roof is protected from the dangers that would arise without our swift and careful removal services.

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If you’re worried about ice dams on your home’s roof, give us a call to get a free quote on this convenient and helpful service that can help protect your home from thousands of dollars in damage.

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