The weather is getting warmer in Milwaukee. Yard work is picking up again. People are dragging their cobweb-covered lawnmowers out of the garage or shed. People are also realizing that last Fall and Winter left their gutters in not so great shape.

No one likes cleaning gutters. No one likes hauling the ladder around or twisting their back to get at hard-to-reach spots. However, ignoring the chore can do long-term damage to your roof, basement, foundation, fascia, and even the interior of your Milwaukee home.

Gutter guards are a permanent solution to your gutter cleaning woes. Gutter guards install right over your existing gutters and are customized to fit to your roof without screws. They block leaves, dirt, and debris from entering your gutters so that water flows properly away from your home. Your Milwaukee roofing contractor can educate you as to which gutter protectors to purchase and is well equipped for gutter and gutter guard installation.

(1) No More Leaves and Debris in Your Gutters

When your gutters are clogged with leaves, they can actually do more damage than not having gutters at all. With gutter guards, the principles of gravity and surface tension cause leaves and debris to drift to the ground. Rainwater clings to the nose of the gutter guard and flows freely into your gutter and downspouts.

(2) Climbing Ladders is Dangerous

Every year, hundreds of people fall from ladders while cleaning their gutters. Serious injuries, such as broken bones and head trauma, are the result. People over 50 years of age have even more risk of injury. Gutter guards keep you from climbing that dangerous ladder in the first place.

(3) Stops Wood from Rotting

Standing water is your home’s worst enemy. If your gutters do not function properly because they are frozen or full of debris, your soffit and fascia boards will absorb rainwater and start to rot.

(4) Prevents Frozen Gutters

During cold weather, the water in clogged gutters freezes into heavy beams of ice. Gutters are often damaged because they are not built to sustain that much weight. Also, during the day, the ice begins to melt, thus soaking the fascia. At night, the water refreezes and pushes the fascia outward. Gutter guards allow water to flow away from the house and prevent ice from ever forming.

(5) Avoid the Liability of Hired Help

Cleaning gutters on a ladder is dangerous. Hiring someone to do the job may make you liable for any injuries they receive. That’s just one more thing to worry about.

(6) Protect Your Foundations

The stability of your Milwaukee house depends on the ability of the soil to absorb rain. Builders constructed your home to stand up to soil conditions assuming that drainage systems carry water away from the home. When gutters fail, water moves toward the foundation. When soil becomes saturated, leaks can occur, and cause the foundation to shift or crack.

(7) Prevent Mold and Mildew in Attics and Crawl Spaces

Attics and crawl spaces are just like your gutters. They are awkward to clean or work on. Keep water away from these places and you won’t have to worry about fixing what years of mold and mildew have damaged.

(8) Pest Control

Clogged gutters are generally damp, dark places filled with leaves and debris. Just the sort of place insects love. Gutter guards keep gutters clean and will prevent insect infestation.

(9) Keep Your Landscaping Beautiful

Clogged and saturated gutters threaten your landscaping. Rain has nowhere to flow except off of the roof and onto plant life below. An uncontrolled flow of water will drown plants, erode soil, and create more hassles for you.

(10) One Less Thing to Worry About

Peace of mind. Everybody wants it, but life is filled with things to worry about. Gutter guards are a guaranteed way to stop worrying about your house and start enjoying your Milwaukee home.